Infinity Women Attended the MMIWG Consultation Meeting

By Wei, Xie

February 20-21, 2016

Since the Government of Canada has noticed the significance to establish a National Inquiry to take action on the high number of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, and to develop an action plan to end the violence, the LFMO hosted a consultation meeting on Feb.20-21, 2016 in Ottawa, which brought together a complex group of Metis women comprised of youth, elders, community organizations, Metis leaders, Missing and Murdered Women and Girl family members and Metis advocates who have worked with the families and victims. Among 40 participants who attended the MMIWG Consultation Meeting, Infinity Women engaged in the Pre-Inquiry process, especially brought forward recommendations to ensure the values and respected position of the Metis. As a new member of WMN, Infinity Women would like to make contribution to the whole Metis, particularly for the Metis Women in Manitoba.

The questions asked and answered in the consultation meeting were placed in three veins, which are Mandate and Composition including powers, leadership, consultation approach and the way to ensure commission addresses Metis issues; Scope and Content of the Inquiry containing several critical issues and Cultural Supports with family participation, support for Metis Nation Institutions, individual supports and successful outcomes discussion.


By Wei, Xie

April 29, 2016

Working with Métis National Council (MNC), the Women of the Metis Nation (WMN) hosted three forums (on March 19 in Winnipeg, 24, and 31 in Vancouver) to brought together a complex group of the Metis across five provinces of Canada, to implement the Metis Nation Economic Development Action Plan. Over 50 participants including Infinity Women attended the forum as well as engaged in the Questions and Responses Process. As a new member in WMN and a platform to provide more and more business information to the Metis Women in Manitoba, Infinity Women not only wants to engage in creating a new economic development framework, but enhancing the overall strategy by adding new value to the strategy.

The questions asked and answered in the forum were placed in all aspects of life. Meanwhile, the input into the LFMO Economic Development Strategy contains education, skills development and childcare, capacity development, capital attraction procurement, and general observations.