IWS worked hard to ensure Métis Citizens stay safe and connected during the Pandemic.

Once it became clear that our Métis citizens would need PPE, IWS jumped into action. Our purpose is to ensure all Métis women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA+ individuals are cared for during these times.

IWS hired a Web Designer to update the IWS website and create a new Facebook page for IWS. The updated IWS website and new Facebook page have successfully reached IWS members and the public. As a result, people are more aware of what IWS is doing and are kept updated with announcements.

IWS continues to assess the current needs along with the continued impact of COVID-19 that Métis women face. Participants are invited to partake in IWS “Wellness Surveys” and receive a wellness package upon completion to let them know that IWS continues to think about their health and well-being during these difficult times.

Face Masks

IWS has been hard at work ensuring Métis Elders stay safe and entertained during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Once it became clear that our Métis citizens would need face masks, IWS jumped into action. IWS put out a call to all MMF staff and their families, asking for sewers to help make face masks. Soon after, we asked IWS members for assistance due to the high number of requests coming in after Minister Campbell’s announced the initiative on the MMF COVID-19 video update on April 24! Many elders isolated at home volunteered their time as it gave them something to do and a sense of accomplishment for their work.

IWS has collected homemade face masks for 3000 elders and 418 children, totaling 3418 sewn by seven MMF staff members and 10 Manitoba Métis Citizens. IWS has distributed over 2400 face masks to elders and families. Not only are they distributed in Elder Kits, but the IWS has been giving them to the MMF staff still working at the Home Office in Winnipeg. In addition, 240 graduates of the MMF across Manitoba received a facemask this past June.

Covid 19 Pantry

The COVID-19 Métis pantry offered by IWS and supported by the MMF Cabinet was designed to keep staff and their families safe during the COVID-19 PANDEMIC while doing their important work at the MMF home office.

By helping staff not to have to go to the grocery store for those essential food items, we reduced all Métis citizen’s risk of contracting COVID-19. Staff have been busy keeping your Métis government running smoothly and safely while Métis citizens were isolated.

The Métis pantry assisted over 735 staff over a period of eight weeks.