Our Vision

Infinity Women Secretariat (IWS) is a non-profit organization that connects and empowers Métis women throughout the Province of Manitoba, and beyond. Incorporated on April 23, 2013, IWS has already become well known in our Métis communities, in our Métis Government, and all throughout the Red River Métis Homeland. Infinity Women Secretariat is an affiliate of the Manitoba Métis Federation.

The key objectives of Infinity Women Secretariat are:
  •  PromoteEmpower and Enhance our social, economic, and political well-being;
  •  Preserve and Safeguard our history, values, culture, language and traditions;
  •  Foster grassroots initiatives;
  •  Advocate and Facilitate effective means of addressing Métis women’s issues, either individually or as a collective; and
  •  Encourage and Support the full participation of all Métis women within and outside the Métis Nation.