Summer Student Employment Program

Welcome to the Summer Student Employment Program Web Page!

About the Program

IWS, in partnership with the Manitoba Métis Federation, started the IWS SSEP after recognizing Red River Métis students’ employment needs during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Since 2020, the program has helped students find promising summer employment to improve their resumes and skill sets. Furthermore, IWS has assisted employers across Manitoba, providing them with fully funded students.

We help all students (Aged 15+) find employment, ranging from high school students just starting in the workforce to post-secondary students looking for education specific internship positions. With the help of the MMF, IWS provides businesses across Manitoba fully funded students for the summer. Students are paid directly through our program so the only thing our business partners need to focus on is mentoring the student for success in their summer position.

Summer Student Requirements:

  1. Proof of Red River Metis Citizenship (MMF Citizenship number)
  2. Resident of Manitoba
  3. Student, currently attending school and continuing in Fall 2023
  4. Aged 15+
  5. Identify as a Woman

Business Requirements:

  1. Open Summer Student Position
  2. Located within Manitoba
  3. Willing to mentor/train student
  4. Preference is given to Female, 2SLGBTQ+ and Metis-Owned businesses.


Summer Student Application:

Employer Application:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Below the information blurb on this website, you should find the links to the student and employer applications. Follow the link that applies to you. If you are an employer, the web form is the only requirement and once it is filled out and submitted you should hear back from IWS shortly. If you are a student, you must fill out the webform and submit your resume and cover letter. More information about the applications are below.

What if I don’t have my MMF citizenship yet?

If it is your first time participating in the program it is okay if you do not yet have your citizenship number. For your first year of participation, we accept proof of Red River Metis citizenship through parents or close family members. We also accept a letter from the MMF’s Central Registry Office informing us that you have applied for your citizenship but are waiting for the card. The Summer Student Coordinator will help first time students collect the documents necessary for citizenship application.

What if I don’t live in Manitoba?

Although the MMF and IWS are working to expand beyond borders, unfortunately, at this time, the Summer Student Employment Program is only offered to students and businesses within Manitoba.

What kind of positions are available?

IWS works to match you with a position that you are interested. Positions range from entry-level positions that require no education to education-specific internships that align with post-secondary studies. Examples of past positions; Landscaper/Lawn mower at Vandal’s Landscaping (entry), Housekeeper and Activity Helper at Chalet Malouin (entry), Student Assistant helping with Indigenous health care concerns for Shared Health Manitoba (internship), Mental Health Clinical Assistant for Inspire Community Outreach (internship), and Brand Ambassador and Marketing Assistant at Big Interlake Mechanical (internship). These are just a few examples, but whatever the student is interested in, the IWS SSC will do her best to match/find the student with a position best suited for them.

More Questions?

Email [email protected] or our Summer Student Coordinator, Shaelynn Cooke – [email protected]

Applications for the program are below. Should you have any more questions regarding the program, please contact our Summer Student Coordinator, Shaelynn Cooke at [email protected].


Students, please click the link below and fill out the form to apply. Once the form is filled out, please email [email protected] your resume and cover letter. You will receive a follow up email within 3 business days.


Employers, please click the link below and fill out the form to apply. You will receive a follow up email within 3 business days.